Kiren & Fitness Training



The Oregon Department of Transportation has created an opportunity for its staff and other state workers and their friends and families to join the Fitness Club located at the ODOT Headquarters in the Capitol Mall. Each Tuesday and Thursday from 12:10 - 12:50 I lead a fitness class with a personalized training feel.

The class focuses on strength, balance, core, agility, reaction, flexibility, range of motion, and functional movement. Because of the workout format, members of all levels of fitness can work out at their own intensity. Whether you want to supplement your existing fitness program, need guidance in working around a recent or chronic injury, or are starting from scratch, this training format will give you what you need. Feel free to come check us out and see how effective this training class is.

Offered during your lunch hour, within walking distance, and at a minimal cost of $30 per month, the Fitness Club is a perfect way for members to get their workouts in during the day without any time taken from family or evening commitments. Showers are available.

When you are ready to increase your energy, reduce chronic pain, improve cognitive thinking, manage your weight, and enhance your overall quality of life, contact me at: 503-930-5709 or

Below are testimonials from some of our members.

  I joined the ODOT Fitness Club in June to help me reach my weight loss goal.  I felt the structure of the class would give me the discipline I needed to be more active and the strength exercises I have a hard time doing on my own.  I have benefitted much more from this class than I expected!

  What I’ve gained: energy, muscle tone, strength, improved posture, balance and flexibility.

  What I’ve lost: inches, hip pain, and fear of not being able to keep up with class.

   Liz is an awesome trainer; patient and attentive.  She offers modifications so we can keep up no matter what level we are.  She has the knack to make hard work so fun!  Join us!

~ Cindy Paler, ODOT Financial Services


  Increased energy, flexibility, and strength; weight loss and improved mood. I’ve experienced all this and more working with Liz at the ODOT Fitness Club. Liz is knowledgeable and encouraging to all of us. Participants are at widely varying stages of fitness yet she accommodates us all. She teaches us proper form and suggests modifications for our varying levels. Her classes are fun and challenging. I look forward to the workouts and they’ve become part of my weekly routine; a healthy habit. We’re so fortunate to have Liz offering these classes right in our building.

~ Amy Joyce, ODOT Government Relations


As a long time sufferer from knee and lower back problems I had thought my days of sustained fitness activities were over, and then along comes Liz. Her simple and low impact approach to fitness allows me to not only work out several times a week without additional discomfort but I have more energy and see some of my stamina and flexibility returning as well. She has introduced me to several stretches that have helped ease lower back flare-ups and allowed me to get back to “normal” much quicker than before I started with the Fitness Club. Hands down one of the best Trainers I have ever worked with.

~ Matthew J. Munz, ODOT - Revenue Accounting