Kiren & Fitness Training

Functional Interval Training - Mon-Thurs 5:30 pm
Build muscle, burn fat, and lose weight by jump starting your metabolism with strength training, fun and challenging endurance exercises, and activities that improve flexibility, balance, agility, and hand-eye coordination. Your core will receive the attention it deserves to maintain good posture and improve overall back health and balance. Class size and format allow for all fitness levels and individual attention is provided throughout.

$110/month for 4 classes per week 
$100/month for 3 classes per week
$80/month for 2 classes per week
$15 for drop ins

Athletic Training - Wed 6:30 pm - Additional sessions available

A well-trained athlete is better prepared to excel at his or her sport. My athletic training improves foot speed, reaction time, body control, jumping ability and more. No matter your game, regardless of your age or ability, you will see results with this program.

$200 for 8 classes each month
$100 for 4 classes each month
$30 drop in fee

Pickleball Athletic Training
It doesn't matter if you are just taking up America's fastest growing sport or you are a veteran player, this training can improve foot speed and reaction time, increase your flexibility and stamina, and reduce the risk of injury, which all leads to more fun on the court. Better movement - Better Play!

Individual training and group training available. Cost of group training depends on number of participants.