Kiren & Fitness Training



As a Chiropractor I have seen a noticeable improvement in patients that have utilized training with Liz Kiren. She provides an excellent program to improve stability, strength and endurance to the body. These attributes ensure that your body will function at a much higher level and reduce pain and injuries. I would highly recommend people of all ability levels to train with Liz to ensure a healthy life and decrease in pain. ~ Dr. Joshua Wolfram, Willamette Valley Wellness


I was always an active individual, focusing on running. My intention in contacting Liz in 2010 was to gain some tips on running, walking and flexibility. Little did I know that I would gain strength, regain balance, and improve my posture. My legs are much stronger and have also developed muscles in my arms and core that help me perform the activities of daily living. ~ Lynne Taylor


After training for 12-plus years for the top soccer team in the nation, as well as being an NCAA four-sport athlete, I am astounded at the vast improvements made in six-plus months with Kiren Personal Training. It is as if Liz has pulled an extra 30 percent of untapped athletic potential that I didn’t realize I had. I am moving more powerfully and efficiently, with better body control; jumping higher; and reacting quicker than ever before. I look forward to each workout and even more so to seeing the continued advantage I’m gaining over my competition on the sand volleyball courts. I wish I had access to this training 12 years ago. ~ Zak Mirly


Liz is exceptionally well-schooled in the physical and mechanical workings of the body. She is both adept and creative in her ability to work with and around aches, injuries, and weaknesses. My experience with exercise was often a class setting where I wasn’t always performing the moves correctly. As a result I wasn’t seeing any results. Since starting training with Liz in May 2012 I have since learned the value of her focus on specific activities and how those individual pieces gel to form a total training package. Through her attention to my routines I am able to train with proper posture and form, which is leading to the best overall condition for me. Her goal is to help you achieve your goals... ~ Judi Barker

My daughter is a 14-year-old volleyball player working on building her strength and agility to become a better athlete and I am a 40-year-old overweight, overworked mom trying to become the athlete I once was. In the past eight months my daughter has slimmed down and gained muscle definition, especially in her legs and abdomen, and I have seen an increase in muscle and have shaved off 10 minutes of my 5K time, and my back and hips no longer ache when I run. Liz takes time to talk about nutrition and helps us set goals, and then holds us accountable by checking in throughout the week. ~ Leah Mudge

It had been several years since I had regularly worked out and was looking to lose weight and become functionally fit again. I knew I needed to put some serious effort into my core and started Liz’s core class in spring of 2012. The first couple of weeks were hard but I began to see improvement almost immediately. Liz offered a great combination of support, enthusiasm, and an incredible level of knowledge related to the combination of exercises that have the greatest impact, and was also mindful of making sure I did them right. ~ Darin Rand

In 1988 I suffered an incomplete spinal injury that left me with partial paralysis on my right side as well as numerous other sensory and muscular imbalances and deficits. I received nearly five years of PT and within the past six years, Botox therapy, electrical stimulation, and more PT. I have worked with Liz since the beginning of 2013, strengthening and balancing my body to function physically to a degree I have not been able to since the injury nearly 25 years ago. Liz has an intuitive understanding of what I need and what works in order to enable me to pursue the physical activities I can, to a higher degree of proficiency than before. I would highly recommend Liz as the next step beyond physical therapy for those who are motivated to maximize their physical abilities beyond mere rehabilitation. ~ Scott W. Taylor