Kiren Fitness & Training
Driving is an important part of our lives and our freedom. Our ability to be proficient and safe drivers allows us to maintain our independence and participate in the activities that we enjoy.

My Driver Safety Program focuses on the physical and mental skills needed to remain a safe driver. Through proven activities and movements, I can help you keep your driving skills sharp by improving reaction time, expanding line-of-vision, and increasing range of motion, all of which are vital to driving.

These are not "exercises" classes, nor is there any time spent behind the wheel of a vehicle. Instead we incorporate moves necessary to enhancing your skills as a driver. In addition to improving your driving skills, I include movements that will increase your ability to get in and out of your vehicle.

Classes meet once a week for one hour and run 6 weeks.

Cost is only $60 for a 6-week session.

Call me at 503-930-5709 or email me at